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How to Install

The file ‘roboforex_trader.apk’ downloaded from our website and save the file ‘roboforex_trader.apk’ in the desired folder. Connect your phone to the PC using your Android data cable (an Android file manager is required, if you do not yet have this, it can be found on Android Market) and copy the ‘roboforex_trader.apk’ file onto your SD memory card. You can browse the file later (after you have disconnected the phone from the PC). Using the File Manager, click on the roboforex_trader.apk file, which will install the application on your phone.

How to Login

First, you must locate the Android Trader software icon on your Android, after installation it should be found on your Android home screen. Click on the Android Trader icon and you will come to a login page for your trading account.

Android Trader How to LoginAndroid Trader How to Login

Click on the text fields to edit and input your login and password:

Login – Your trading account login

Password – Your trading account password

Servers – By clicking on the ‘Server’ button, you have the option of selecting the server.

After entering your account login details, click on the Login button.

Once clicking on the login button your Smartphone will attempt to connect to the server and log you into your trading account.

Save password

Please note that after your first login, your login credentials will be stored so that the following time you open the software you do not have to re-enter. You can disable or enable save password option. To do this tap on 'floppy disk' icon next to your password, you will be notified about the changing. By default, 'Remember Password' is ON.

In the case of your Android going temporarily into sleep mode, when you use it again it will automatically reconnect to the server.

Android Trader Save password

The image displayed to you upon reconnection or in the event of logging in.

Saving account details

When logging into your account, the application allows for the details of multiple accounts to be saved. This “save account details” option, allows you to choose which accounts you wish to save your passwords for (i.e. Demo accounts) and which accounts you wish to remain unsaved.

You have the option to save your Account details, including your password, or to save without the password.

To save your account password within the Android Trader, please ensure the 'Remember Password' option is ON when logging into the account.

To save your account details without the password, simply switch off the 'Remember Password' before logging in.

Once you have logged into the account, this can be found listed within the account number field, of the log in form. To access your list of account numbers, simply tap on the account number field.

Android Trader Saving account details

Please be aware that when saving your account details to your Android Trader, using the 'Remember Password' option, your details will be remembered for each log in (unless removed from your account list via the ‘Remove’ option).

By selecting the “Remove” option listed along each of the saved accounts, you are able to remove unwanted accounts, also accounts for which you no longer wish the details to be saved.

Opening a demo account

In order to open a Demo account via your Android, simply select the ‘Create Demo Account’ button found below the Login button. You will be required to submit a small registration form and then once you click ‘Register’ your account details will be provided for you.

Android Trader Opening a demo account

The details will be automatically filled into the login page.