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Opening a New Order

Opening an order is simple and can be done from either the Rates or the Favorites windows of the IPad Trader. Clicking on your desired Instrument within the Rates Window will provide you with a number of options: Add to Favorites, Remove from Favorites, Show chart in new window, Instant order and Pending order.

For instant orders you can select and change the volume (vol ), set a stop loss (S/L) or take profit (T/P), then you must choose whether to ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ by clicking the corresponding button. For Market orders, you can select and change the volume (vol) then you must choose whether to ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ by clicking the corresponding button.

For Pending orders, again, you have the volume (vol), stop loss (S/L), and take profit (T/P). With the pending order, you set the price which you wish the order to be activated at.

Enter the rate into the ‘At price’ area then click on the ‘Place order’.

iPad Trader Opening a New OrderiPad Trader Opening a New Order

Modifying Open Positions

Clicking on an Open position, from within the positions window, will give you full details of that order. From here, you can Close / Update trades. If you change or set a Stop Loss (S/L) or Take Profit (T/P) on an open order you must simply click on the ’Update’ button to confirm the changes. A confirmation screen should appear shortly after confirming the order.

iPad Trader Modifying Open Positions

Partially closing an Order

The partial close option allows you to close part of your trade, leaving the remaining Volume open. In order to partially close your trade, the Volume must be changed within the Volume box. Once making your desired changes you must then click “Close” button. When successfully updated you should receive a confirmation screen.

iPad Trader Partially closing an Order

Modifying Pending Orders

If you select a pending order from the positions area, you have the option to Update / Delete the pending order. You can change or adjust the open price, the Stop Loss (S/L) and the Take Profit (T/P), remembering after making such changes to click on ‘Update’. Again, a confirmation should appear shortly after. When choosing to delete a pending order you should also receive a confirmation. After modifying a pending order and selecting Update your request will be confirmed.

iPad Trader Modifying Pending Orders

Using Charts

In order to view a desired chart, simply select your desired instrument from the Rates window. Once you have selected the instrument you are presented with a number of options: Add to Favorites, Remove from Favorites, Show Chart, Instant Order, And Pending order. Select “show chart”. On either chart view you have the ability to zoom in and out – this involves the opening and closing of 2 fingers, you can switch to different time periods by using the Periodicity button on top of each chart, and you can scroll back on the chart. In addition, if you have the full view open for any chart on a trade, you can turn your iPad horizontally and the chart will open to a wider view. Selected chart zoom and periods are saved when you exit the chart.

iPad Trader Using Charts

Technical Analysis

iPad Trader Technical Analysis

Within the charts area, you have access to technical analysis. All analysis options can be found along the top of your chart, in both vertical and horizontal views.

Order Confirmation

Once deciding to create a Buy or Sell order or even when creating a pending, a screen as shown below will appear attempting to send your order through. You have 2 options. The ‘Back’ button will only close that window, to cancel the order you must click on the ‘Cancel Order’ button before your order is processed. It will indicate whether or not your attempt was successful. If your order was successfully executed you will be shown a message like below.

iPad Trader Order ConfirmationiPad Trader Order Confirmation

There is also another possible outcome for instant request – ‘Requote’. In this case, you will receive another message as shown in the picture below. With the ‘Requote’, you can resend your request at the new price or cancel it.

iPad Trader Order Confirmation