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The 8 Main Sections

There are 8 main areas within the iPad Trader, which you should familiarize yourself. These are:

  • Favorites - you can store your favorite instruments which you wish easily locate and always be viewed in this area.
  • Rates - brings up the full list of all available instruments.
  • Positions - this area shows your order details – Open positions, Pending orders and Account status with balance, equity, P/L, reserve level, credit, free reserve.
  • History - your trade history gives you the ability to monitor your closed orders, removed pending orders, deposits/withdrawals, and credit within any given timeframe.
  • News - financial news sent directly from the trading server.
  • Mail - internal mailing system.
  • Calendar - daily economic events.
  • Contacts


Favorites Section

Within the Favorites area, you have the ability to customize instruments that you wish to be always viewed in this area. Selecting the options icon within the top left corner of the window, and selecting ‘Edit’ will give you the ability to alter or change any of your favorites that you want to appear.

A screen will open once clicking on the ‘Edit’ button. From here, you have the option to arrange, add, and delete Favorites. Holding the symbol on the right hand side of any currency pair and dragging up or down will allow you to move the position of that currency pair.

iPad Trader Favorites SectioniPad Trader Favorites Section

Clicking on the red delete symbol located towards the left of any currency trade will bring up the ‘Delete’ option. Select that button to confirm the removal of that currency pair from your favorites.

iPad Trader Favorites SectioniPad Trader Favorites Section

When selecting the ‘Add a new instrument‘ button, a new page will open featuring all Groups of instruments. Clicking on a group will bring you to a page listing all available instruments within that group. Clicking on the instrument listed will add that instrument to your favorites list. Once added you will notice a tick appear on the right hand side of your chosen instrument.

Rates Section

By Selecting the ‘Rates’ option your iPad will open a window which contains all available instruments, their bid and ask rates, daily high and low, last update time. From within the Rates section you have the ability to select any given Trading Instrument and open an order, to open a chart for your desired instrument, and to add and remove instruments to/from your Favorites.

iPad Trader Rates SectioniPad Trader Rates Section

Positions Section

The Positions section shows the order details of your open positions and pending orders, as well as allowing you to close an open position or modify an order. It also indicates the Balance section with your current profit/loss including swap and commission in open positions, used reserve, free reserve, equity, reserve level, and credit.

iPad Trader Positions Section

When viewing your trades you have a number of options, you can view these as the deposit currency, as points or alternatively using the collective view. The collective view allows you to group all trades of the same currency, giving you a more comprehensive view of your trading activity. All options can be found by selecting the ‘Options’ icon in the top left corner of the positions screen.

History Section

By tapping on the options icon in the left hand corner of the History window, you can access running a specific report from a certain date range. All you must do is enter the Start date and End date.

Your trade history gives you comprehensive run down of all your closed orders, removed pending orders, deposits/withdrawals, and credits. As well as your order information, for any given time period you select it will tell you at the bottom your Profit or Loss (P/L) for that period including swaps and commissions, plus your overall Depositing and Withdrawals.

iPad Trader History SectioniPad Trader History Section



To view the body of any news articles from your trading server you must click on it to start downloading the actual text for that article.

iPad Trader News


The mail section brings you to the internal mailing system. Any internal mail that was sent to you will be stored in the iPad. Once you have opened the mail article you are able to delete the article by selecting the ‘Delete’ button at the bottom of the page.


On the Economic Calendar, you have all the upcoming today events with actual and previous figures. By selecting the Options icon you are able to refresh your events list.

iPad Trader Calendar